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IPL Hair Reduction

IPL Hair Removal Treatments available at Take Off Skin & Body.

Here at Take Off we offer the latest state o the art IPL Hair Removal treatments. We offer free consultations where we will answer all of your questions and assess your suitability.

IPL Hair Removal is safe and your hair will be permanently reduced meaning that over time you should only need maintenance treatments to remain hair free.

How does IPL Hair Removal work?

A hand piece emits a beam of light as it moves across the skin. Hairs absorb the light and produce heat, destroying the surrounding cells and preventing further hair growth.

We’ve have the best equipment available on the market and all our therapists have undergone comprehensive training to give you the first-class IPL Hair Removal service you’ve come to expect from the Take Off team.

Contact us now to book in your FREE IPL consultation.

Ph: 9326 6894 or book online


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